Aqua-Analytica Web App

Aqua-Analytica is a web application that aims to bridge the gap between data-rich environmental insights and actionable decision-making. By seamlessly integrating diverse datasets and employing cutting-edge analytical techniques, it empowers users across various fields to better comprehend and manage freshwater resources.

Previous Projects​

Watershed Delineation Automation

In an exciting project, we have successfully streamlined and semi-automated the watershed delineation process, changing how we approach hydrological analyses. Our comprehensive package leverages geospatial analysis and utilises high-resolution satellite imagery and LiDAR DEM. This integration significantly accelerates the analysis while maintaining a high level of precision. The outcomes of this endeavor can potentially pave the way for extensive applications in critical domains such as water resource management, environmental conservation, and urban planning.

Sediment Delivery Risk Assessment

We participated in numerous hydrological analysis projects in collaboration with Land and Water Science Ltd, where we conducted hydrological analysis using LiDAR data across diverse regions in New Zealand. Our contributions were significant in providing valuable insights to aid in informed decision-making regarding environmental conservation and land management.

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