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Dr. Saeed Rahimi

Email: saeed@imaginative-ai.com

Saeed is a skilled Geospatial Information Scientist and AI researcher with a decade-plus background in civil engineering, surveying, electric power distribution, and environmental consultancy firms. He’s deeply involved in spatiotemporal data analysis —causal modeling, agent-based simulation, and pattern recognition are his focus. Additionally, he is dedicated to advancing counterfactual causal analysis theory in AI. Saeed’s keen on applying machine-learning techniques to model dynamic geospatial phenomena, from human and animal movement behavior to environmental processes and land use changes. He also contributes to evolutionary computation and spatial decision support systems. Beyond work, Saeed finds balance in climbing, fitness, and exploring philosophy, history, and politics.

Curriculum Vitae

Meet Our Associates

Dr. Giovanni Pedone

Commercialisation Advisor

Giovanni is a dedicated researcher whose expertise lies in unraveling the mysteries of cognitive processes and problem-solving mechanisms. With a background in Molecular Biotechnology and a PhD focused on “insight,” he has explored the sudden “aha” moments that lead to breakthrough solutions.

Giovanni possesses an innate passion for research, science, and cutting-edge technologies. His thirst for knowledge extends beyond his field, driving him to constantly learn new skills and tackle diverse challenges. This enthusiasm infuses our team with a spirit of interdisciplinary exploration and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of discovery.

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Dr. Adeel Akmal

Strategic Guidance

Adeel holds a PhD in management, a distinguished accomplishment achieved at the Otago Business School. His academic journey has led him to become an expert in enhancing the quality of production and service organisations. His current research pursuits revolve around refining and optimising quality improvement processes within these sectors. Adeel serves as a respected research fellow at the University of Otago and a prominent Assistant Professor at the University of Iceland, further exemplifying his commitment to advancing knowledge and education.

Adeel’s professional philosophy lies on lean thinking — an approach that emphasises efficiency, minimisation of waste, and maximisation of value. This philosophy is integral to both his management advice and daily practices, showcasing his dedication to driving organisational success through streamlined processes and strategic insights.

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